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This is a fictional short story based on my imagination — how one would escape poverty and heartache to full prosperity luck would be needed and also a huge slice of destiny

A fictional start in life

I can remember it like it was yesterday, taking that walk across a busy high street all alone, whilst others were hand in hand with parent’s, there I was age 4 navigating my way, just me and my good fortune trying to find out where my next meal was coming from… truth is I was lucky to even be alive as the war had just ended and it was only because my parents were out of town on that weekend that they were victims of that military attack, my village was next in line but due to the peace treaty…

The beauty of visual poetry is it is…

How to implement ZEN LIVING into modern life successfully

I recently went to a zen garden which was an amazing experiance , I truly appreciate the outdoors , the fresh air , the breeze , nature is a sight to behold ! , living in the city as I do is at times testing just due to the noise and pollution but to be able go to a place of serenity is something really inspiring , not only that it is the definition of pleasent


A Zen garden is a place Japanese rock garden or “dry landscape” garden, the residence of the chief monk of the temple or monastery. Classical zen gardens were created at temples of Zen Buddhism in Kyoto during the Muromachi period. …



I truly believe that upon arrival into the world from whatever far flung part the galaxy we checked out from , destination earth where we have a duty to make our mark , granted the journey is never a simple one but with that said ‘pressure makes diamond’s’ , it sound’s an easy process but we often have to show character , things such as determination & fortitude etc …. just remember that champion’s are not born they are made it takes hard work , sweat & perseverance


Anyone that say’s it doesn’t take time to become a champion is…



I can’t believe ENGLAND lost the 2020 final’s against ITALY , after coming so far it was a real let down .. it was a thrilling introduction thou , I must admit I was so taken back when all of a sudden almost instantly 1–0 , I just had enough time to dip my biscuit in my cuppa tea … when GOAL .. …

often times in life we need motivation , it helps us progress

The above photo being that of one taking a walk on a road alone …. as is the case above & not only above … it is also the case when for instance i’m going for early morning runs .. when I am also alone …. running alone ‘YES’ but inside i’m highly motivated ??? motivated by many things … proving people wrong & also proving people right ??? whilst some may not realise the power that motivation can carry us …. they would do well to look at the live’s not only of people but of nature …. …


I trust my intuition alot & much of my writing is guided by this ‘unseen’ force !

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